B’s Favorite Pictures 2nd Edition

  1. Old Mill: Berry College– Just to be clear, pretty much every picture A took on this trip is my favorite! It reminds me of a fairy tale. Everything about these photos are just perfect… LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!


2. Abandoned Trail– I have to say this was a pretty fun day. It wasn’t one of our bigger trips but successful nonetheless.


3. Central State Hospital– This is one of those trips that has multiple posts. So if you decided to check out more photos make sure you check out all the posts. A really outdid herself with these.


4. Lindale Mill– Okay, so getting into the mill was a huge bust. It almost ruined the trip. But, I’m always a little biased to pictures when I get to be in them with my friends. I love documenting my life in photos. Thankfully, A takes better pictures then I do!


5. Cumberland Island– Honestly, I could have made a top 20 list with all pictures from our Cumberland Island trip. The island is beautiful and makes for some amazing picutres. One day was not enough time to explore it all.


6. Dungeness Ruins– Once again I am biased to pictures with my friends in them. This is one of my favorite trips of all time, and I was lucky enough to make the journey with two of my best friends. They really made this trip… Now when are we going back?


7. Higdon Hotel– I didn’t actually get to go with A on this trip (life is so busy), but I still loved these pictures. I also enjoyed speaking to some of the Higdon family when I was doing my research. I love all things history and to hear some of theirs was fun!


8. Antioch Baptish Church– Believe it or not I actually have this picture printed out and framed in my office. This church was still in use (though I’m not sure when the last service was), but I loved that it was open to the public to walk in and explore.


9 and 10- Taylor Memorial Hospital– This has been one of our most popular posts. A lot of people have shared their experience with this hospital. That really makes this worth it to me. It’s nice to know we have given our readers something that the truly enjoy.


I never realized how hard it is to pick out my favorite pictures!

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