Higdon Hotel

Things have been so crazy here at the Full Tank of Gas Blog! Life (the really good and the really bad) has got in the way of our adventures lately, but please stick with us. We have our first big trip planned for next weekend. We are so excited to explore and bring our story back to y’all!

Ferocious Fur Baby was born to be a model... Any agent wishing to represent him please get in contact with A...
Ferocious Fur Baby was born to be a model… Any agent wishing to represent him please get in contact with A…


A, M, and Ferocious Fur Baby took a trip recently to the Higdon Hotel. A has been planning on writing this post, but once again life has gotten in the way. So I took an entire weekend of work so that I could write this post for you… okay maybe I took it off to attend a friend’s wedding… but I feel like I can multi-task this weekend and write a short post about the history of the hotel.



The Higdon Hotel is part of the Reliance, TN Historic District. The hotel was built by Calvin Higdon in 1890. The hotel was operated by the Higdon family until 1920 when it closed. Mr. Higdon built the hotel on the Hiwassee River after he learned that the L&N Railroad planned to build a railroad that would come through Polk County, Tennessee.



The hotel was so popular with the railroad that the stop was called “Higdon’s Station,” instead of “Reliance Station.” The hotel was built to accommodate the Higdon family,  railroad personnel, as well as, travelers. I haven’t found why the hotel closed in 1920, but according to the Higdon Family website the family had plans to renovate the building. However, as of A’s trip in September on 2015 it still has not been touched.



Unfortunately that is about the only information I was able to find on the hotel. Which really is a shame. Being open 30 years I’m sure it has memories to share.



Across the street sits a little church. You know how we love old churches here are Full Tank of Gas! The Hiwassee Union Church building was built around 1899. In 1927 the church enclosed part of the front porch. The church met on the first floor, while the second floor was used as a meeting place by the Masons. The building was even used as a school for a short while.



The church was founded October 8th, 1848. According to the Hidgon Family website, Thomas Asbury Higdon was the second pastor from 1866 to 1869. The building can now be rented for weddings and other events.


I send a message to the Hidgon Family asking for any other history or stories about the hotel or area. I got a nice response back saying they would send it out in their family newsletter to see if anyone had anything to add. Sadly, the newsletter doesn’t go out again until November… If we do hear anything back from them I’ll be sure to send out an update!



We can’t wait to get back to a normal schedule! Hopefully, we will be able to get out and about again soon. We can’t wait to share our upcoming trip with everyone! Thank your for all your love and support recently!



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