Lindale Mill

Last post you read about our trip to Berry. But, before we stopped there we took a trip to Lindale! Well I guess I should say before… and after… we decided to come back after we left Berry- we liked it that much.
We set out to find an old mill that was used in the filming of one of the Divergent movies. We didn’t have an actual address for the mill, so I was a little worried it would be a bust. I also had no idea just what the mill looked like. I don’t know if A sent me anything about it. We send so many emails back and forth, and I really need to find a better way to organize them (one day I will).

Well, if you have ever been to Lindale you have seen the mill. It sits right on the main road next to a little park. We drove down a few side roads to figure out the best spot for pictures. A few roads lead to nowhere. Some roads, the view was blocked by trees. Some roads just lead straight to people’s houses… I’m not getting shot walking through their back yards- that’s how you get dead. We ended up settling on the park. It was the closest place to park, and had a good view of the mill.


The mill is surrounded by a fence with barbed wire at the top. There was a little Christmas tree leaned up against the fence that looked like it had been decorated. I have a feeling someone dropped it off there, if it was there for decoration, it was just a little out of place…


Even though we were on a side road, there was a ton of traffic. I swear every one in the town drove by us a least once. And, they stared us down hard… real hard… like “I know you are going to try to go around that fence. Go ahead and try. We will be on you like white on rice…” We really wanted to get up close, but with the watchful eye on the town, there was no way I was going to risk it- they meant business.



A and I both had on our new hoodies! So of course we wanted to take an amazing picture with them. And what better place to take it? Of course I had to pose for the picture first, so A could get everything perfect. Unfortunately, A forgot the remote her camera. So, she had to set the timer, run across the road dodging traffic, and pose for the perfect picture (she did this a few times before we finally got it right). And okay, the traffic really wasn’t that bad… So she didn’t really dodge any cars… But people were driving by looking, wondering what the heck we were doing…staring us down…(hard).


I ran out of things to look at before A did… I mean you can only take so many pictures for Instagram on your phone. Normally I would stay with A but its winter now, and it’s cold… So I got back in the car (don’t worry, I kept an eye on her). A eventually came back to the car. We both agreed that we needed to find a way in, a legal way.



We drove around a little more, hoping to find someone that knew something about the mill. We saw a lot of cars inside the fence, but couldn’t find any one around. We ended up pulling across the street at a little mill on the water. I have no idea if the two buildings were related in any way.


The smaller mill looked like there was a little park around it. It wasn’t kept up very well. Trash needed to be picked up around it. But it’s cold, and I didn’t help out by picking anything up either. It did have a duck feeder… but I didn’t check to see if it worked, or had feed in it.




A did a little more exploring there than I did. I left my jeep running and didn’t want to give someone that option to take it. A eventually noticed a way into the mill, but we decided not to risk it since the entire town would see us running across the parking lot.


A few days after our trip, one of our followers (ok, she is my coworker… but I think she reads the blog) gave me a way to contact someone about the mill. Of course we want to actually go back and get inside… Or at least inside the gate. So I sent some emails but, unfortunately haven’t heard back yet. But, hopefully we will get in by the end of this year!


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