Scott State Prison

So, apparently there is/was a prison in Milledgeville. Somehow, I was unaware of this fact. To be honest I probably did know, and my mind just didn’t put two and two together. Once we got into Milledgeville it was extremely clear that I had been missing out. That’s a little weird to say about prison, I know, but when the prison is closed down, and you explore abandoned places, you feel like you are missing out.


I saw two names for this place (Scott State Prison and Riverbend State Prison- or whatever). I’m not really sure if it is the same prison or two separate ones. I do know that Scott State Prison closed down in 2009.


The prison now looks like a set for the walking dead. The weeds have taken over pretty much everything from the chain link fence to the entrance ways. I believe I said it before, but the entire thing  looks like a set for The Walking Dead.


I’m going to be honest with yall. I have been trying to write this post FOREVER. I really mean forever, and I just came seem to make it come together. So, I’m gonna go ahead and give yall what everyone wants anyways… the pictures. I’m just going to post the pictures. They are toooooooo good not to share.

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