Old Mill : Berry College

Our first trip of the year!!!This trip really proved that we always have misadventures instead of just adventures. The misadventure started when A turned up sick. If I was a good partner I would have let her stay home, warm, with soup and a good book/movie. But I’m a tyrant… That and A is a little hard headed and really wanted to go. So we set off. First to Lindale… But you can read about that next post. This post is all about Berry!


Berry College was established in 1902, by Martha Berry, as an all boys school. Martha realized a need for formal education, as well as, a need for education of the Bible. The school became a junior college in 1926, and a senior college not long after. The campus now has more than 27000 acres, making it the largest contiguous college campus in the world. That’s right… The world… The campus has hiking, biking, and horseback trailers, which are open to the public.

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Berry College is really a breathtaking place to visit.Our first stop at the college was the Old Mill. The guard at the gate let us know that the road to the mill was closed since it was Sunday, but it would be OK to walk the 1/2 mile to the mill. A pointed me in the “right” direction, and I parked my jeep near the trail. We packed everything we needed and heading down the trail.


A few minutes in, A started wondering if we were on the right path.

“I’m not sure this is the right path”

“I’ve never been before so I don’t know”

“I’m really not sure this is the right way”

“I’ve never been so I don’t know”

After a little debate back and forth… realizing the road we were on had no end in sight, and was going straight up….we stopped. A looked at her phone and realized we were in the wrong place, so we turned around and headed back. We loaded back up, determined to find the right location. How we got confused I’m not sure. There are signs that point you in the right direction.
Finally at the right place, we walked around the gate and started up the road. A few minutes in A said according to her phone we had already passed it. I was pretty certain that I hadn’t seen the mill yet, so I kept walking. Then I thought saw it in the woods! But, A couldn’t see it… Turns out it wasn’t there. I guess I was just seeing things.

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Thankfully, we found it a minute later, and I swear it was a scene straight out of a fairy tale. We even had the entire place to ourselves… which was a good thing because I drooled for the first ten minutes straight (anyone else would have probably thought I had rabies).



I noticed a path in the woods with a sign that said “Chute.”

So of course, I asked A…

“whats the chute?”

“I have no idea… but I’m not hiking up there to find out”

Well of course I took it upon myself to hike right up that mountain and find out. About halfway up –I’m going to die…- Finally make it to a sign and a bench –WTF…it says nothing about a chute…- looking at the trail –I don’t really need to know what the chute is…-


So I came back down the mountain… the wrong way of course, which meant that I had to cross the stream. Thankfully, I was able to just walk right across with no issues.

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As soon as we decided it was time to leave everyone and their brother showed up. I have to say with all the problems we had, at least we had good timing.


After leaving the Old Mill, A and I rode over to the reflection pools…. which are amazing. I am so jealous of every student of Berry that gets to live here. Its ridiculously amazing, and straight out of Harry Potter…




It was a perfect day for taking pictures. The weather was amazing, cold, but amazing. The students weren’t back from Christmas break yet, so there wasn’t any waiting for people to walk out of our (A’s) frame.


Even with all the misadventures, we had an amazing trip. Berry is always an amazing place to visit. Easy to see why its one of the prettiest places in Georgia.


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History of Berry






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