Antioch Baptist Church

Its been two weeks… so I’ll start you out with a few amazing pictures as an I’m (we’re) sorry!




Finally, after a few weeks off we finally got to go exploring! Not only did we get to go exploring, we also had some new toys to play with! A and I decided to get a GoPro! Yay, so exciting right?! Maybe we should have tried it out a little before our first trip. Or, maybe I should have learned how to make awesome videos on my computer. Well, I did neither of those things…. But, lucky for you A still takes amazing pictures (and I still write blogs…not sure if that makes you lucky…)!


A planned this trip in its entirety. She had to work around me and my crazy schedule. I made plans for Saturday and Sunday, so we decided to go on Friday after A got off work. That didn’t leave us a lot of time to explore, but I was happy with what we did get to see! I was a little jealous of what A had planned for Saturday- but, you will read about that another day.



We started our day with a trip to the Antioch Baptist Church in Crawfordville, GA. At least I think that’s the city it was in. Like I said, A drove. I couldn’t give you directions if you asked, so, it would be best not to ask me and speak directly with A.

The church is beautiful. A table at the altar holds a few items giving history of the Church, as well as, a place to leave notes. There is an offering plate as well, to leave money for repairs. Unfortunately, I think it’s almost beyond repair. Which means in a few years people wont be able to visit. A note asks for anyone that can help to get in touch with them. I really hope that they can keep it from falling down.


This church was really exciting to us because of the items left inside it. There was still a piano. It always amazes me to see places like this that haven’t been vandalized and ruined by people coming in and not respecting them. I’m happy that people take care of these beautiful places and others don’t ruin them.



The piano was a welcome site in this little church. It really made for some amazing pictures. I guess its there for whenever services are held. It got me wondering when the last time service was held inside this Church. It needs a lot of TLC, but you can tell people keep it up.



The colors of  this Church really made me smile. It was not really the color combo I would have picked out but, beautiful non-the-less. The walls were pretty close, if not, A’s favorite color, so I’m pretty sure we would have taken this trip even if the Church had not been so amazing.


So I’m going to do something a little different this week. I want to give you some history of the Church, because I like history, and I write this blog… so I’m pretty sure that means I can do whatever I want with it… right?

Antioch Baptist Church was founded in 1896 by family members of ex-slaves from the surronding areas. The Church building was build in 1899 on two acres of land granted for a cemetary.  Some publications say the orginal church burnt down and was rebuilt in 1923. I would be prone to believe them, honestly why would you lie about that?


Okay, I was really hoping-I’m never really sure how to spell hoping… I don’t want to get it mixed up with hopping… it always stresses me out when I have to write it…- But back to what I was saying…I was really hoping that I could find more history on this place… but I didn’t find much. I really should have wrote down the number on the paper and contacted them for the history. But, we all know by now that I’m not so good at my research. I hope to get better as soon as my life calms down a little.


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6 thoughts on “Antioch Baptist Church

  1. we were there Saturday — 5-14-16 and it was still open and furnished and beautiful in its haunting way. the amazing thing to me also is the lack of vandalism. I do not know who helps maintain the building, but there were no spider webs and such in and around the pews.

    the ceiling has begun to fall in, but it still held my attention for an hour or so that afternoon.


      1. this church has been in our family for years! Please note if you return there is some more information left via computerized kiosk. Hopefully we will get the church restored. We just visited 8/25/2019.


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