Abandoned Train

Have you ever wondered how we find abandoned places? Sometimes we just set out, no place in mind and just explore. Sometimes, another blog, or series of photographs have inspired us. And sometimes someone else tells us where to go (in a good way). In this case I’m pretty sure M was the mastermind. A went exploring with her one day when they found this little gem.


Usually we give you the city, or county. Never the exact location, but enough that if you really wanted to you could find everywhere we have been. This case is a little different. It seems the train hasn’t been getting the respect it deserves. A told me things had been vandalized in the week or so it took us to get back.  The town seems to try to take care of it, and it breaks my heart that anyone would vandalize something like that.


The train sits right in the middle of a park. Okay, not right in the middle, more like in the back, but is a small park… so… close enough. It was a short walk from the parking lot, which was nice because for some reason I was expecting a hike. I’m not sure why, I guess its just when you think abandoned train, you think “middle of no where.”

Some one had taken the time to tie open the doors and put wood down on the severally rusted floors. The outside was rusted but the company logo was still readable. Inside, the passenger compartment was still pretty much intact. The seats all still there, with the luggage racks right above them.



Even though everything was still there, the inside was not in amazing shape. The floor was a little iffy, a few windows busted out, and the light bulbs smashed (A said there intact the first time she was there). The elements had clearly taken their toll on this little train.

There was a second train car. It wasn’t in good shape at all. No one in their right mind would step foot in it. So naturally I decided to explore it. A wasn’t feeling it though so she stayed outside. There really wasn’t much to see. The floor was almost gone, the only reason I was able to walk on it was because the roof had caved in and now lined the floor. Not the brightest moment of my life, but I lived.

Across the street from the train car is the old train depot. It looked like their had been a fire sometime, so part of the floor was missing inside it. We were able to make it inside through a window. Once inside there wasn’t much to see, except for a lot of egg cartons. When I say a lot of egg cartons, I mean a lot. To the point that the building had to be used at one point to make them. If it wasn’t I sure am a little confused.

Part of the building did have a floor but we didn’t explore it. It was a little bit of a jump to get into the other part of the building… and I can’t jump, and I’m not fit, so I can’t pull myself up. Honestly, there wasn’t anything exciting to see up there. I would have found a way up if I had thought there was something to see.



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