Cumberland Island- Sea Camp Beach

We left the Green-Miller cemetery and started back toward the main road. We walked back towards the Dungeness Ruins to get on the road we came in on. We now that I’m sitting here looking at this map…. I’m pretty sure that there was a short cut that none of us saw at the time. But, who knows if it would have actually been a short cut. I could have lead us to nowhere, to only have to turn around and walk back the same way.


So, we walked ……………………and walked……… and walked…….fulltank-74

The main road is surrounded by huge live oaks, and they are bewitching! You really can’t help but enjoy their beauty. The only problem was that we didn’t really know how far we needed to walk, or how far we had already walked. Thankfully, the beach is clearly marked, so we would know when to turn. But, that meant that every little intersection we came to we got really excited, and then really dissapointed when we realised we weren’t there.


The walk really wasn’t that bad, even if we didn’t know how far we had gone. There were people at each intersection to talk to. Not people posted there, people resting or enjoying the view. At one there was a sweet lady sitting watching the horses. One of the white horses had his eye on her… Like really on her… Like he liked her a little tooooo much. She made the comment that he must not like her, but from our point of view we could tell that wasn’t why he was focused on her.




I tried to snapchat my walk. It was so pretty and I was excited to make everyone jealous. I wanted to put some amazing music with it just to show how great it was. The problem was my phone… I had recently gotten a new phone and my phone was not “offline” yet. Who know that I would have to go through the trouble of downloading all of my music again! So my snapchat turned into a bumpy walk with no music. Not what I was really going for, but it worked!


We finally made it to the Sea Camp Beach intersection! We didn’t know how much farther because of our cartoon map. We asked a lady sitting at the intersection how far the walk to the beach was. She said she didn’t think it was very far, but she hadn’t actually been down it yet.


The boardwalk to the beach ended a little early and there was a little bit of water to walk through… Thankfully, someone had laid boards out so we didn’t really have a problem and we finally made it to the beach! It wouldn’t have matter either way…. I was getting to the beach


I love the beach, M loves the beach, but I’m pretty sure the beach is As spirt animal (I realize the beach isn’t an animal… But she really loves it ok?). We sat down as close to the water that we could without actually sitting in it. It was a peaceful break from our amazing day. Now, I love exploring… But it’s alway nice to have a break with such a pretty view.


Our ferry ride back to the main land wasn’t for a few hours, so we decided to stay put at the beach for the rest of the day. We wouldn’t have enough time to explore the other side of the island since we were walking. Unfortunately, a few minutes after we sat down the bottom fell out. We packed things up and headed for the trees to try to get a little cover.


We found a picnic table and sat down, hoping that the rain would stop soon. It didn’t look like it ever would. We decided that we would take the earlier ferry ride back home. We were soaking wet, tired, and sad that we couldn’t see the entire island. We mad it back to the ferry boat, changed our tickets, and took cover under the shelter with 100 other people that decided the weather wasn’t that great.



It was a great trip, even if it was going to end early. We learned a few things about Cumberland Island… Next time we will rent bikes, they aren’t that expensive and we will be able to see more of the island. I also really want to camp there… Or get rich and stay and the inn! Either way I want to spend at least one night on the island to explore more.

We loaded onto the ferry and wouldn’t you know it, the rain stopped. I almost wanted to tell them I changed my mind and jump off the boat. But, I was soaking wet, already on the boat, tired, and really excited to get back to J to make sure he felt better.

I loved my trip to Cumberland and can’t wait to go back!


We want to thank you for being so patient with us as it is taking a little longer to get our blog posts out. This is a busy time of year for the both of us. We don’t want to publish a blog if it isn’t perfect and we aren’t 110% in love with it!

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