A & B : the about us post

If you have been following along, you know that B writes all the stories, and I just take the pictures.

        Unfortunately for you all, she decided I should write the about us post.

Yes, our names really do start with A & B, and yes 99% of the time I call her B.

We both grew up in a small town in northeast Georgia. B being two years younger than me, I didn’t know her until high school. She was friends with my best friend. I still remember the first time I met her. A group of us were in the McDonald’s parking lot (yes, you read that correctly, that was the place to hang out. if you’re from a small town – you know what i’m talking about) B was telling my friend goodbye and she turned – looked at me – and pounced on me and hugged me goodbye. I remember turning to my group of friends and saying “wait, do I know her”.

As the years went by, we became close and at times inseparable – but with that also comes short lived tiffs and arguments – somehow I just can’t shake her – she just keeps coming back for more.

About seven years ago now, I decided I was going to start taking pictures of old, decaying structures, and the southern landscapes. Obviously, girls can’t do anything on their own, so I enlisted all of my friends to join.

Every spare moment we had, we were in the car, finding new adventures and a little bit of trespassing. Some of us joined Flickr, and began posting our work and adventures.

Eventually, life got in the way; it has a habit of doing that. Boyfriends became husbands, babies starting popping up, some of us moved, real jobs came into the scene, and for me, photography went from a hobby to an all consuming business on top of a full time job.

B's wedding

Fortunately for me, B’s husband is super awesome and has no problem with her taking trips with me – and she has the same sense of adventure I do. B stumbled upon a list of the weirdest abandoned places in Georgia, and sent it to me. Unbeknownst to her, I had already made a list of my own to start a new venture in my career. We decided we would visit each place on the list so that I could photograph them, and B could say she had been there.

We set out on our first trip – not knowing what to expect, but hoping it wasn’t a bust. Nothing, went as hoped. Somewhere in our five hours of pouring rain we decided we should blog about it, calling it our misadventures.

was born

It was agreed that B would write the tales, as I already – have too many irons in the fire, am burning the candle at both ends, and my plate runneth over. Fortunately for you all, she’s funny. Unfortunately for her and me, this is our real life misadventures.

So, here we are – 7 years later – picking up where we left off, with a little more experience, a little more money, but the same sense of wonder & blogging about it. 


2 thoughts on “A & B : the about us post

  1. I think you are both FANTASTIC. It is so interesting and I think you are incredibly talented. (I am also a little jealous, because it sounds like something I would like to do . LOVE IT!!

    Liked by 1 person

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