Stephens County, GA

We both knew that this trip was going to be a little different from all the other trips that we have taken together. We had two new ride alongs that we needed to break in to the way we do things- The first to join our trip was A’s dog- Ferocious fur baby- (well her roomie’s dog). A’s other roommates were busy for the day so Ferocious fur baby had to tag along (he didn’t seem to mind). The second was my husband (J). Now we aren’t that couple that can’t spend any time apart, but we are that couple that would rather spend our time together. J normally prefers that I take these trips with A and leave him out of it. For the most part I am ok with that, but for some reason I decided that he just HAD to come on this trip with us. I was completely convinced that he was missing out and would just LOVE the whole experience. We do love exploring places together and I felt a little bad that I went to all these amazing places and wouldn’t let him come with me.

Ferocious fur baby- you can see the name fits...
Ferocious fur baby- you can see the name fits…

A usually decides where we are going to go (I do not like to make decisions I want to go EVERYWHERE), and this trip was no different. She sent me numerous emails with the abandoned Tugaloo River Bridge, by emails I mean just random pictures and directions to it. I took the hint that this was where A wanted to go, and determined to have this trip be better than the other trips we had been on recently I started to research Stephens county. To be more accurate I researched Toccoa, GA. I was not disappointed in what I found.

One of the emails A sent me. This was the entire email....
One of the emails A sent me. This was the entire email….

A was supposed to be at my house at 9am sharp….That didn’t happen and I wasn’t complaining (I really like to sleep in on my days off). A really wasn’t that late, I’m pretty sure that we were on the road before 10. Of course we did have to turn around and go back to my house once but thankfully we hadn’t even made it out of the neighborhood yet (which is good because I’m pretty sure A wouldn’t have turned around if we were any further). This trip wasn’t as far as the other trips we had taken. J was happy about that- he doesn’t see the point in taking a three hour trip in the car just to take a picture of some place and then turn right back around and head back home. He was also probably a little happy about it since he had to share the back seat of a two door car with Ferocious fur baby who didn’t seem to understand the idea of sharing the seat with someone else. The car ride to Toccoa was pretty uneventful. A used her phone as a GPS to get us to the bridge which was our first stop. We have used our phones plenty of times to get us where we are going, but we normally use my phone. A’s phone didn’t do anything wrong. It gave us perfect directions there… it just didn’t say them… And when you have two girls in the front seat just yapping away you tend to need something  to interrupt you and say “HEY SHUT UP AND TURN HERE.”  We only missed our turn to the bridge twice. But thankfully we were close and it really wasn’t that big of a deal. We just turned down another road and eventually made it (only five minutes later than if we had been paying attention). FR-25 The area surrounding the old bridge has been made into a park area where you can put your boat in the river and go fishing. When we pulled up to the Georgia side of the bridge there was no one fishing off of it (great for our pictures). However, as we are unloading everyone and thing from the car this old truck pulls up out of no where and a man gets out and basically speed walks to the end on the bridge and starts fishing…. just great right? The old man was really nice and didn’t stay very long. I think he felt a little bad when he realized we were there to take pictures and not there to steal his fishing spot.

The old man that went fishing... he turned out to be really nice!
The old man that went fishing… he stayed maybe five minutes

We spent a few minutes taking in the beauty of the bridge, a few minutes taking pictures of the bridge, and (for me at least) a few minutes wondering how you just decide one day to stop using something, like this bridge, and build a new one right beside it leaving the old one still standing. Seems like a waste even though I’m sure they had a good reason for it. And it does make for pretty pictures and a great place to fish. Then, we decided to head over to the South Carolina side. This side is a little different then the Georgia side. I don’t think it was really meant to be a park, more of just an old road that no one uses any more. Although while we were there another car did pull up to the bridge. But they turned around as soon as they saw us and left. I guess the person just wanted to be alone and we ruined the spot he picked out. This side wasn’t kept up quite as well as the Georgia side.

SC side of the bridge.
SC side of the bridge.

A and I have thought long and hard about this blog (I obsess over it and bother A constantly with my ideas). We both want to make consistent posts. That way there is some what of a schedule and we aren’t going too long without making some type of post. The only problem with that is that we both work. We can only take trips every other weekend, assuming that we are BOTH free that weekend. That is going to be harder and harder to do since A is getting busy with her photography, vacations are coming up, and we both have other commitments that sometime require us to do things on our weekends off. A came up with the idea of making two posts out of some of our trips. So….

Coming Soon- Stephens County, GA post 2….Travelers Rest and Toccoa Falls waterfall!


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