Road Trip to Milledgeville

It had been a while since A and I had a good trip. Life has been busy (as it always is), and our schedules just didn’t work out for a trip. I tried not to get my hopes up when we made plans to take a trip. I didn’t have time to plan anything and A hadn’t mentioned any plans she had. A is normally the mastermind behind our trips, but keeps me up to date.

The day before the trip, and I still hadn’t heard from A. I was a little worried that something else may have come up and she wouldn’t be able to make it. As much as I like the trips we take I wasn’t that upset. I just wanted a day to sleep in and do nothing. But, then I heard from her.



That was all I needed to read to forget about sleeping in. I would have left right then if A had wanted to. Milledgeville had been on our list for a long time (we even added it in our 10 places to visit in Georgia blog). We both knew there was no way we would be able to go inside any of the buildings (maybe one day…we can dream), but we were both excited to get close.


We didn’t have all day for our trip, A had to get back to do some adult things. So we set out around 8. Even though I got to sleep in a little bit, I was still exhausted by the time I made it to A’s house. I forced her to ride with me so that I didn’t have to get out of the car. Hindsight that wasn’t the best idea. She could have driven and I could have relaxed for a little while, but you know what they say… hindsight is 20/20.

centralstate.FTG-3Once we made it to Milledgeville, we headed straight to the Jones building. It’s the building every urban explorer thinks of when someone says Central State Hospital. We weren’t there for five minutes and security showed up. I have to say I was a little worried to see how they would react to people taking pictures. Some places are okay with it as long as you are respectful, and some places think you are the scum of the earth (who knew people could hate photography so much?).

The security guard was pretty nice. She told us to stay on the road or parking lot, and not to get close to the buildings. We promised we would follow the rules, and she warned us of snakes and foxes in the area. With that she was gone, and we were back to taking pictures.

It wasn’t long before security was back around. I’m not sure if they were checking on us, or if they just patrol that much, but we saw them a handful of times. If we had wanted to sneak into a building, they would have made it hard to not be spotted.

I’m in love with time lapses… IN LOVE WITH THEM. I can’t take amazing pictures like A, but I can make a time-lapse. The weather wasn’t the best for my project but I was determined to make it work. We have a cheap GoPro that will take them, but it’s not the best quality. I took the GoPro out of A’s bag and tried to turn it on. Of course the battery was dead. So I had to resort to using my phone, which may have a better quality picture.

A and I have wanted to try a moving time-lapse for a while… but we are pretty poor. So, a slider, crane, or anything else isn’t in our budget. We discussed different ways to make our moving time-lapse on a low budget. My first thought was to duct tape wheels on a tripod… A wasn’t into into that idea, so I suggest a rolling chair, but that seemed a little too cumbersome to take everywhere.

We decided on a walking time-lapse. It didn’t turn out amazing…but it worked in a pinch. We both made a few and then I decided to think smarter and not harder. The best way to make a moving time-lapse on a low-budget? In a car…. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before.

We loaded back into the car, and I told A I’d set the cruise control so we went the same speed the whole way. Did you know the cruise control doesn’t work if you are going too slow? Well now you know… 5 mph is not fast enough for cruise control. I was able to pretty much coast the whole way though, so I think it worked okay.

After leaving the Jones building we decided that we wanted to visit the cemetery and the angel. We drove around for a little while. We would come to an intersection, A would point the way she thought we needed to go, we would head that way, and nothing. We finally decided to ask security next time we saw one… which didn’t take long.

We rolled our window down and asked which way to the cemetery. He honestly looked confused, but finally gave us some directions that confused me as all get out. A didn’t seem to know what he meant either and we drove around for a little while longer until we found a map. The map wasn’t much better than his directions, but it did point us in the right direction.


We finally made it to the cemetery and parked on the side of the road. The cemetery has 2000 cast iron markers right at the entrance.  A told me the angel was in the middle of the field, and the last time she was there it was a little pig path to get to it. This time I was able to drive all the way back with no problems. Okay, maybe my parking job was not the best…


Baldwin county has a non-profit that takes care of the local cemeteries. They are doing a really good job, at least as far as I can tell. The grave stones that were there were old and hard to read. Most were knocked over or broken, but you can tell the clean up crew cares and work to get things back in order.

After leaving the Cedar Lane Cemetery, we headed toward the prison that is now closed down. The plan was to drive as long as we could without trespassing, or someone stopping us. We drove untill the road stopped. The prison is surrounded by razor wire, so there was no thought of trying to get in (as much as we would have loved to).


The prison closed down about six or so years ago, and currently looks like the set from the walking dead. Everything is overgrown, not only behind the wire but also along the side of the road. To be fair, they probably don’t expect anyone to be around to see it- we are just weird and like that kind of thing.

While driving near the building marked Rivers North, we happened to see a fox. I was skeptical when the security guard told us earlier about them, but here we were face to face with a fox. Okay, more like the fox was running for dear life and we were still in the jeep- but I can write it however I want… its my blog.


After leaving the prison area we started around to the rest of the hospital. At one point I parked the jeep and we just walked around one building. I attempted to take a few more time lapses on my phone… as predicted they didn’t turn out the best, but I did get one of A  (don’t tell her- she doesn’t like when I get pictures/video of her). It eventually started to rain but I was able to pick A up pretty quick.

We heading back toward a few buildings we missed right when you drive into the campus. After walking down the sidewalk to see the front of each building we decided to try to get a picture of the back. Now, remember that all day we had made sure not to break any of the rules that had been given to us…

We drove around to the back of the buildings thinking that we would have to stop on the side of the road to take a picture. Much to our surprise and delight there was a little side road that went behind them. I turned in and slowly drove behind the buildings. We were a little close, and not wanting to get in any trouble we decided to stay in the car the entire time. A held the camera out the window and I drove slow.

We made it back to the main road and I stopped so that A could take a few more pictures from the road. A few minutes later a security guard drove up. Thinking he was going to ask us if we found the cemetery, I rolled down my window and smiled. He looked at me not so happy and said,

You know you are trespassing right?

Well no, Mr security guard, I did not. Had I known, we would not be back here (in my jeep). I was told I could stay on the roads and not go near a building…my jeep’s been on the road…I didn’t walk up to a building…. I should be good here.

There is clearly a sign that says No Trespassing.

A sign? Nope there is no sign… I would have seen the sign… I can read…. there is no sign….

Its right there, ma’am…

About that time he pointed to the other side of his vehicle… the other side of the road…. nowhere near the building…. but in clear view of anyone driving that way. Except for me. I was busy looking at the building, so excited to see a road that went behind them, that I didn’t care anything about a sign that was on the other side of the road. So here is a head’s up for whoever is in charge of that. That is POOR sign placement. Put it where people are looking… not across the road.

You are going to have to wait on my supervisor to see what she wants to do about this.

We waited there for a bout 5 minutes before the other security guard showed up. She wasn’t too happy with us either, and eventually told us that if she caught us again she would have my car towed. Well that’s fine, ma’am…. you can tow it but I’m not getting out cause its friggin hot out.

Want to see the picture that caused all that fuss?


After she ended up letting us go we figured it was time to go home. We had seen everything that we needed to see already, and A still had to be back to do adult things. So with that we headed home.


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4 thoughts on “Road Trip to Milledgeville

  1. I was a nursing student and completed a psychiatric rotation there in 1963. There were 13,000 patients at that time. Care was certainly not always optimal. They were discharged in the name of preventing inhumane treatment. Because outpatient care was never funded, they are now in our jails or homeless on our streets.

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  2. I really liked this,was really hoping for pictures inside,but understand that it could be dangerous.I met people through out my life that had relatives there,and the stories they told and the letters I heard read,were bone chilling.Theres a place in Columbia,S.C. that will make your jaws drop.It was an insane asylum on Bull Street,you really should check it out.Its hard to believe that there were actual human beings put in these places.Lord,if only the walls could talk,I wonder what they would say.


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