Welcome to Allendale

We have had quite a few people tell us about Allendale, SC. We got everything from “its a complete ghost town” to “it has a lot of abandoned buildings.” I was honestly wishing for it to be the complete ghost town. You know, no one around, no cars on the road, no one in sight, every building abandoned and forgotten.


Sadly, it was not like that… there were plenty of people around. I can’t think of one time that there wasn’t someone else in eyesight. I guess it could be a small town thing. You know, the town didn’t know who we were so everyone made sure to keep an eye on us make sure we weren’t up to something.


Either way it wasn’t a bad trip. There were a lot of neat buildings to see, although I wouldn’t really call it exploring since we didn’t really go inside any of the places. There really wasn’t much to see inside of any of them, or they were locked up tight to keep everyone out.


The trip to Allendale took us through the Savannah River Site. Don’t know what the Savannah River Site is? Don’t feel bad… I had no idea either. But, when we passed a sign that said “No stopping or standing for the next 17 miles” I looked the thing up. I mean I can’t stand on the road (or next to it) for the next 17 miles? Well maybe I don’t need to be driving this way…I mean honestly, this place should be locked up tighter then that….

The first thing I saw after searching the name was “Nuclear”… I’m not sure what it said after that because I pretty much just died a little. We are going to be the next Chernobyl. A and B…lost forever to a nuclear accident. Now don’t get me wrong… I want to go to Chernobyl….its on my bucket list (more like my I refuse to die until I have been there list), but I don’t want to be any where close to some nuclear accident as it is currently happening…

Yes, I know there is a very very very slim to none chance that will happen. And yes, I know I was completely safe driving on that road (otherwise, they wouldn’t let us on it). And yes, I know that Chernobyl is a lot more dangerous then the Savannah River Site… But, I’m a girl and I’m allowed to be crazy at times. It honestly took me like 2.2 seconds to calm down and from then on out it was AWESOME that I was on a 17 mile stretch of road that said I couldn’t stop or stand. (Like I said… I’m allowed to be crazy… feel bad for my husband).


We finally made it (safely) to Allendale, and it did have a ton of abandoned (or abandoned looking) buildings. Most of the buildings being motels, but there were other places as well. There was one building that looked like a silo. I guess they are in the process of tearing it down, because even though it was still standing, it had holes all the way around it.


Our first stop was at a huge abandoned business. It was up for lease so we didn’t bother to try to go inside or walk around a lot. A took some pictures and we remarked that we should lease it to be the headquarters of Full Tank of Gas. I remarked that it would be a long drive in everyday (about three or so hours…. no big deal), and we ultimately decided against leasing it (I hope y’all know I am kidding… but one day we will have a huge fun office building headquarters…).

After that we noticed a few other buildings that peaked interest, but my favorite one had to be an old farm type looking place. I was surrounded by a fence with a lock on the gate, and like I said before there was always someone watching us, making sure we weren’t breaking into anything.



Needless to say, we weren’t able to get inside. Not even jump the fence to get a little closer for pictures. You better believe we took our time hoping someone would come ask what we were doing, and  then we could tell them we just wanted to take pictures and please oh please let us in!


But, no one ever asked, and we never got in. Hopefully, A took some good pictures.





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