Grantville, GA

Are you wondering why we went to Grantville, GA? I was when A told me that on our way back from Alabama we would be stopping here. Now, I know half of you are like me, wondering why we stopped here…and the other half are probably saying “how stupid can you be?”

Honestly, A had told me where we were going and why, but sometimes I kind of tune her out (don’t tell her that). I just get in the car and I know wherever she takes me will be amazing. She hasn’t disappointed yet. So, when she told me that we were going to Grantville, GA I just assumed that there was some kind of fallen down building there that would be beautiful to see.


So, once again, I asked A why we were going to Grantville. She looked at me like I was an idiot, threatened to kick me out of her car, and told me that some of The Walking Dead had been filmed here. Now, at that point in time I had never seen The Walking Dead… and I didn’t really care about seeing a small town that it was filmed in… I’ll pause for your shock and awe….


I was wrong, Grantville is a beautiful town. Its not hard to see why The Walking Dead or Lawless would want to film here. The buildings are old, but all have that small town charm that you just can’t recreate on a Hollywood set. Grantville reminds me of Buckhead, Georgia (the little town in Morgan County- not the part of ATL with tons of bars).

We parked right next to a Zombie shop. To my dismay, it wasn’t open on Sundays. If I ever get to make another trip back, I’m going to make this the number one stop! It really looked like a neat place to visit. I think they have Walking Dead tours of the city (not sure if it is the Zombie shop that does them or not- but wouldn’t that be fun?!).


The downtown area is just one street, but a few blocks on that street. Once block has a few shops in the buildings but we didn’t visit any of them. I don’t think that most are open on Sundays. The other builds are either closed up shops or deteriorating. A railroad runs right through the middle and a little train depot sits there that reminds me of the one in Farmington, GA (because of the color).



I tried to find a little history on the town, but really all I did was google Grantville. I wasn’t really able to find out much. Most of the things I found said “famous for the filming of The Walking Dead.” Which is great, and it was why we were there. But I can tell the town has more to offer, and I want to know about that.


To be such a little town, Grantville sure does have a lot of traffic. A wanted to take pictures in the middle of the road. Given that cars drive in the road, I had to protect her from being mowed down. I’m sure the locals wanted to know what on Earth we were doing… or they might be used to it with all The Walking Dead fans there are.

Ok, so this is me in the middle of the road. A made me do it. You know... so it looked like a picture they have here... search
Ok, so this is me in the middle of the road. A made me do it. You know… so it looked like a picture they have here… search “The Walking Dead, Grantville” and you will see what I mean.

I read a little while back that all the buildings were up for sale (on eBay maybe?). That’s right, ALL of them. They were pretty cheap to. If I was made of money, I would have bought it. The town really is that pretty. There are a lot of buildings that are right up our ally. I think they are starting to fix some of the building up now. But I hope they keep the rustic charm the town already has.


Once we finished visiting the downtown area we set out for “Morgans Apartment.” A told me that it was also in Grantville and took off. I thought she knew where she was heading to- I don’t really question her a lot. That was until she asked me to look it up and find the address, which I did. I found the address and it showed to be really close to downtown. So we turned around.

Now being that I have never seen The Walking Dead, I didn’t really know what we were looking for. So the fact that I was helping A look for the apartment was not really as helpful as she seemed to think it was. In fact, when I pointed out a few buildings that it could be she didn’t really seem to appreciate it.


We eventually gave up looking for Morgan’s Apartment. I even tried searching for pictures of it. I wasn’t really able to find any of the outside. So, for all I know its one of the builds we took pictures of, or road past a million times. It does have its own Facebook page though. If you have been send us some pictures- maybe we will be able to find it next time!

When we finally called it a day, A tried to take me the long way home. She wanted to see where they are filming now. Normally, I wouldn’t mind. But, it had already been a long day. That, and, I really didn’t care…being that I had never seen any of the show you know… So I forced her to take me home, but don’t be surprised if some more Walking Dead locations show up.


After our trip to Grantville, I started watching The Walking Dead. I have finished the first season and can’t wait to see more. I haven’t made it to the part that was filmed here yet. So I really haven’t got the full effect of visiting I guess. But if you are ever in the area stop by and visit, even if you haven’t seen the show yet.


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