Flash Forward Friday : Now

B is in Aruba.

Yeah, let that sink in for a minute.

So we agreed to do a flashback Friday last week, and I would travel around alone and update our archives for this weeks post. The photos we posted last week were taken circa 2008-2009, mainly with a small point and shoot Nikon. I don’t knock it, my first published work was with that point shoot, and honestly I wish I still had it, alas, there are bad people in this world; but I digress.

I’ve been on my death bed for about a month now, and am just now feeling back to normal. So last Saturday, really all I wanted to do was stay at my house and veg out and sleep. But let’s be honest, if I didn’t post while B was gone, she might have actually murdered me. So, around noon I decided I should probably head out and get the shooting done. I decided i would start in Maxeys, make my way down, and then back up.

1. Maxeys, Ga



Mind you, Maxeys is about 45 minutes from my house. It was a beautiful day. Feeling pretty pumped after the drive alone with the windows down, I pull over in Maxeys, hop out the car, grab the Nikon, and bam… no memory card. Yep…. drove all the way back home, and back to Maxeys.

2. Eatonton, Ga

These photos were taken a few months ago when I was Eatonton with my grandfather for lunch, celebrating our birthdays. He turned 92.

This house is just down the street from my grandfather’s and across the street from a friend of my father’s. He has been telling my dad for a while now that the city plans to tear down the house and has been trying to get me down there to shoot it again. So sad, I am sure it was a beautiful home in it’s day.

fulltank-11 fulltank-10

3.Bishop, Ga

7 years ago, this house and yard was a mess, today it is quite quaint. When I pulled up the driveway a man and his dog pulled up. Normally, I get the question “hey everything ok” or “having car problems”. But not this man, he said “oh you taking pictures? Take as many as you’d like, ain’t nobody round here gonna mess with ya”

Much better than the “you can’t be here, this is private property…blah blah blah”

So to the nice man who pulled up and greeted me with kindness, thank you.

fulltank-9 fulltank-8

4. The Nolan House (Bostwick, GA)

This house. A gem.

Growing up, my family would always pass by this house, as my uncle lives not far from here. I have always been in love with it. I mean, look at it, what’s not to love. Unfortunately over the years, vandalism, nature, and neglect have taken it’s toll.

I didn’t take any shots of the inside on this trip, as a Morgan County officer was so nice to sit across the street and watch me. However even if he hadn’t been there, I probably wouldn’t have gone in. With the downstairs windows boarded, the sun doesn’t illuminate the colored walls as it once did.

The last of the Nolan family, so I’ve been told, now lives in south Georgia, and this home was sold a few years ago to a doctor who lives in Atlanta, but has family in Morgan County, that “watches over it”. The front door has been replaced many many times, but it is always busted in when go. There have been numerous locks on the doors, but they never stop people.

fulltank-5 fulltank-7

The Nolan Store sits just across the street from the plantation home. The windows have been boarded for as long as i can remember.

5. Buckhead, GA

So, I may have forgotten to go here… sue me. I’ll be around there sometime. And honestly I more than likely have a few recent pictures in the archives somewhere, but it’s 2 am and I’m leaving for the beach in a few hours…. procrastination at it’s finest.

I haven’t even packed.

6. Monk’s Mansion (Union Point, GA)


Destroyed for a movie.

I’m so glad I was able to photograph it before it was gone forever. It was truly a gorgeous decaying house, unfortunately not everyone appreciates decay the way I do.

(I can’t think of the title off the top of my head – maybe B will remember once she comes back from her tropical vaca…)


fulltank-2The little barn has been painted white, and is actually quite pretty now.

fulltank-4We haven’t decided on our next trip yet, but stay tuned…

A house I photographed six years ago used to have a gate around it….no longer has said gate…. maybe that’s our next destination, ya never know with us.


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2 thoughts on “Flash Forward Friday : Now

  1. A I think B should have taken us with her to Aruba… You girls are doing a wonderful job at this so keep it up.


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