Flashback Friday 

Things are going to be a little different the next two weeks. I’m on vacation (okay, as I’m typing this I’m not on vacation, but I will be soon). A has also been a little under the weather, so we haven’t been able to explore like normal. We thought long and hard (I sent A one email), and this is what we came up with.

These pictures are from years ago. A was pretty good then, but she gets better every day. Next week she will post pictures of how everything looks today (well not today today, whatever day she takes the pictures).

A will probably write a REALLY long post for yall next week. You know how she goes on…and on…and on….

1. Maxeys, GA-


2. Eatonton, GA- 


3. Bishop, GA- 


4.  The Nolan House (Madison, GA)-


5. Buckhead, GA-


6. Monk’s Mansion-


I’m sorry this isn’t a long post. Let’s be honest… You come for the pictures. I do too. Get ready for next week! A keeps getting better and better.


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