Mill Fire : Athens, GA

Our normal Friday post will be up later today, don’t worry… but this was too good not to share. And I’m pretty sure I broke my knee cap trying to photograph this. So you’re getting a post.

On Thursdays I set up shop away from home so I can actually get work done; so today, I was driving home, later than normal. As I came up over a hill on Timothy Rd, just before where I would normally turn, and saw black billowing smoke in the direction of my apartment. My stomach turned to knots… all I could think was “every bit of my camera gear is gone, again”. I passed my turn, and the alternate turn, I just kept praying it was closer than my apartment. After what felt like an eternity, I finally got turned onto Old Macon Highway, came around the bend, and my heart sank. Fortunately it was not my apartment, but it was the mill that has been on my list to photograph for years. The bridge before the mill had already been blocked, I made a u-turn, saw my friend, C, who will be pictured later, and headed for home to get the camera.

One thing I did learn today, if you carry a big camera, walk with a mission, and act like you know what you’re doing, no one asks questions, and people move out of your way. Also, fire is hot, in case you were wondering, very hot.

fulltank-41 fulltank-42 fulltank-40fulltank-43 fulltank-44fulltank-49fulltank-48fulltank-45fulltank-46fulltank-50fulltank-51fulltank-52fulltank-53fulltank-47fulltank-54fulltank-58fulltank-59fulltank-60fulltank-61fulltank-62fulltank-63fulltank-64


...and just like that, another part of history is gone.

C in front of the house that looks like Texas Chainsaw Massacre
C in front of the house that looks like Texas Chainsaw Massacre
C in action, he's a photog too.
C in action, he’s a photog too.

and yes, that last one is blurry, we can’t all be perfect 100% of the time.


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3 thoughts on “Mill Fire : Athens, GA

  1. Amazing pictures, the lil bird in the one near the end looked sad. I wonder if it had a nest in or near the building that was burned. 😦


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