Hancock County: Mt. Zion Church

It was getting a little later on in the day when A and I decided it was about time to head home. But first, we had one more stop to make.

Mt. Zion was probably the first place that we actually traveled to (wasn’t in a neighboring county). The place is beautiful, has a lot of history, and is all out amazing that people respect the space so much and don’t mess it up.


When you drive up to the church you can’t help but notice how amazing this building is. It’s a little, one room, white building with two front doors. You are greeted with a sign telling you the history of the Church.


The doors are always open and there is a book on the altar to sign. It isn’t the same book from years ago, and I imagine it’s not going to be the last book left there. There used to be a little box to leave some money in to help restore the church. Now they are starting to restore it, starting with the outside.


People leave all kinds of things for others to see. In fact, years ago, A and I left a few pictures we had taken there. When we went back months later the pictures were gone. I remember feeling really proud that someone would want to take my picture home with them (pictures of the Church, not me- that’s creepy).

The paint is falling off the walls. Most people would see that and think that it was sad to see the building that way. I saw it and thought that it gave the church character. There used to be a broom and dust pan left next to the door for you to sweep up, but I don’t recall seeing it on this trip.


Either people don’t vandalize the Church at all, or people are quick to clean it up. Maybe a little bit of both I guess because is alway clean inside and the grass is alway cut. (Thank you to whoever does that!)


There is something you should know about my trips with A. We have a certain way of doing things. I literally stand behind her as we go through places (unless it’s a little sketchy and then I am upfront). I do this so that I am out of her way and not in any of the pictures. How many of you really want to see an amazing building and the back of my head or the side of my face? Okay, maybe my mother would like to see it, but that’s even debatable. With a one room building its a little hard to stay behind her all the time, so I excused myself to visit the graveyard beside the church.


The graveyard isn’t very big at all, but does have a few graves that go into the wood line. They are of course old and hard to read (if you can read them at all). If I was a good blogger I would have dates for some of the gravestones, but I’m not, so sorry. If you ever visit send me some of the dates and we will post them!


I have always loved graveyards. I think it comes from my love of history. If you think about it graveyards are a good start to get the history of someone. You get their birth and death date and from there can trace them any where. When I was in elementary school I wrote an essay about how much I loved to visit graveyards. That’s a little odd, I know, but thank you mom and dad for explaining to my teachers I’m not crazy (ok, not THAT crazy)! Oh, and a big sorry to whoever my teacher was that year! I can’t imagine thinking you are about to read a sweet story about what your student did over the summer, just to find a story about graveyards.


Ok I’ve gotten a little of topic… back to Mt Zion…

I have been to Mt. Zion numerous times and never seen another soul. The book at the altar will some times even be signed the same day we are there but I never see anyone. It’s funny how things just work out that way. I have never been to the church alone, A is usually there with me. Even though I know she is there I still always feel like someone else is there. Someone other than A (or whoever I’m there with). Sometimes even out pictures turn out a little odd. I’m sure that it could all be easily explained away, but sometimes it nice just not to know.


All in all we had a very productive trip. We explored some pretty amazing new places, found some other places to go back to, and ended with one of our all time favorite places.


We pulled out of the Church parking lot with the top still down on the jeep, blasting county music, and enjoying life! What a perfect end to an amazing trip.


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